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Hi there, so glad to meet you. I'm Chris, the Arcane Alchemist. 

My drawings are all self-portraits, simply reflections of my imagination. 

I love learning about things like how the Siberian Ice Maiden got her ancient tattoos? What did Etruscan music really sound like? Is Sporalogy the new Astrology? Who invented Russian ovens and is a degree in Canadian Studies really worth it? 

Much of my work is inspired by others. The lead singer of a band from Finland. A queen that led a revolt against the Romans. A modern day viking diving beneath the frigid waters. I think there are many throughout history far too often forgotten. In the turmoil and struggle of our daily lives, I look to these figures as a source of illumination. Examples of leadership, courage and strength. The will to stand and rise against adversity. As Brittney Slayes once said, “It’s not about how far we fall, but how we find the strength to fall and rise again”.

My goal is to bring these figures to life. To show people who they are and inspire them to learn more. To get you, the audience to read, write and discover the stories they’ve left behind. To get us all to gain a better understanding of the world and a deeper curiosity for solving the mysteries it has to offer. 

I close with this,

“She was not vain enough to work her will against the world.
But she could use the things the world had given her.”

Rothfuss, The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Favorite Visual Artist
Rob Gonslaves, ERUDA Art, Josiah Brooks

Favorite Movies
Run, Lola, Run, Nightwish Imaginaerum, Nightmare Alley, The Northman 

Favorite TV Shows
Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. 

Favorite Bands / Musical Artists
Nightwish, Kontrust, Indica

Favorite Books
The Ocean at the End of the Lane & The Slow Regard of Silent Things 

Favorite Writers
Neil Gaiman

Favorite Games
Epic Mickey, Ori & The Blind Forest

Favorite Gaming Platform

Tools of the Trade
Krita, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Favorite Country